Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nothing Like A Good Meal

I treated Donna to dinner at Toscana tonight, an Italian restaurant (with some French leanings) in downtown Fargo. We've eaten lunch there a few times before and had good experiences.

The dinner menu is much larger and varied. I had a hard time deciding so I took a glance at the appetizer section of the menu. There mine eyes found a delicacy not often found in Fargo: escargot. SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP. To their credit, the staff didn't visibly react when I shouted that right there in the restaurant.

Donna was not impressed, but I ordered some to enjoy while I figured out what to try for dinner. They were delectable. My goodness.

Anyway, I eventually decided to try a dish to satisfy my desire to try foods not considered typical resaturant fare. It was a dish of rabbit in a tomato-based sauce of peppers, onions and black olives. Served with roasted potatoes, garlic broccoli and a nice red wine, it was delicious. Really, first rate.

Donna's experience was not as satisfactory. Her dish, chicken and asparagus in a basil and tomato cream sauce left a little to be desired. The asparagus was limp and the chicken a bit on the dry side. Not bad by any means, but not amazing.

All in all, I recommend Toscana if you're in the Fargo area and looking for Italian, despite the uneven experience we had tonight. Generally it's very good. I'm not decided if it's the best in town but it is in the running.

Did I mention I had escargot and rabbit in the same meal? Yes!

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