Friday, March 13, 2009

Superheroes For The Economic Crisis: Lending Lad

(Note: This is part two in a six part series looking at a new breed of superheroes for the new economy. Read background here.)

Lending Lad

The origin of Lending Lad is unknown; rumors persist that he comes from the Andromeda galaxy and arrived on earth as part of a larger contingent of aliens possessed of super powers. Some say his name is Stewie Bernstein, that he lives in Passaic, New Jersey, and that he's just a kid with a dumb costume.

Either way, this is one fun-sized crusader for justice you don't want to mess with! Using his Gullibility Gaze, evil doers who look into his tiny eyes are mesmerized. Once struck dumb in this manner, Lending Lad can talk them into anything. For example, he might get them to sign loan papers that have an initial low A.P.R. Only later, when this stupefying effect wears off, do they realize their payments shoot up to unmanageable levels. But by then, it's too late... for evil!

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