Tuesday, March 3, 2009

North Dakota May Scuttle Law To Keep The Federal Dollars Flowing

The Fargo Fourm has an article today in which state lawmakers are worried a law currently passing through the legislature will cause North Dakota to lose out on some of that juicy federal money.

Long story short, the North Dakota House passed a measure which says any money coming from the federal government must be appropriated by the legislature. This might cause said legislature to have to work long and hard to pass spending bills for all that money, much of which comes with spend-by dates after which the money goes back to the feds.

Of course, this is causing a panic in the legislature: I mean, what if there some money on the table we can't figure out how to spend? We might lose it! So the answer of course, is to kill this sensible law before it passes the state senate so we can hurry up and spend, spend, spend! Don't worry about how the money gets spent, just use it before Uncle Sam takes it back.

You realize, of course, that this attitude is currently being displayed in 49 other states, right?

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