Thursday, March 5, 2009


Read this article and see if you can tell what's wrong with it.

Back? Great. Did you notice? No? That's okay; here's hint #1: Read the title of the article again. Still not sure? Here's hint #2: start at the end of the article and count back three words.

Now imagine if instead of "chow" it said "pit bull". I'm guessing if that were the case you wouldn't have had to read past the headline to answer the question, "what kind of dog are we talking about".

Wanna know why it's so easy to google up an argument that pit bulls are violent killers? It's because when a pit bull attacks someone the breed appears several times within the article itself as well as in the headline.

"Family pet" is a euphemism for "dog breed other than pit bull".

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  1. While I must admit I am not a fan of pit bulls, I have personally known several Chow's over the years and I have known every one of them to be territorial, aggressive, possessive, and untrustworthy companions. I did not trust or like any of them. I have known many more Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Pit bulls that I would trust more than Chow's. While I do not "trust" many larger breeds that were originally bred to be aggressive, I trust Chows less than all other breeds combined. While I understand this is only anecdotal, personal experience, it is also "my" experience and "I" will never trust a Chow. Give me a Doberman over a Chow any day!!!