Thursday, March 5, 2009

The 600-Pound Gay Tiger In The Room

I just watched some reporter named Hoda(*) interview Sigfried and Roy on Good Morning America. They discussed the injury from the tiger attack and how difficult it was for Sigfried. Keep in mind that Roy was the one who was mauled by a tiger.

Anyway, the story did everything it could to shout these guys are gay without actually saying it. I mean, at this point maybe it's obvious. But I find it humorous that news reporters don't want to talk about it when it's obvious. But let Lindsay Lohan walk down the street with a girl and we get round-the-clock coverage.

Is this simply because it's only newsworthy when it's someone we don't expect? I have no idea if this is progress or not.

(*) Wasn't this some sort of acid-spitting creature on the original Star Trek series?

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