Friday, January 2, 2009

VH1 -- Tool of the Devil

So I'm watching VH1's "100 Greatest Songs of Hard Rock". I knew it was a bad idea; I'm always looking for great songs I've forgotten about so I can download them from the Zune store and put them on my mp3 player.

So here I am, literally watching the show while at my computer so I can add a song to my Zune store cart the second they announce the song. Of course, one great song deserves another, so I can't just download "School's Out". I have to get "No More Mr. Nice Guy", "Under My Wheels" and "Welcome To My Nightmare".

All told, I've downloaded about 15 songs, and we're only up to #60. Welcome to my music collection, Alice, Golden Earring, Whitesnake (shut up -- "Still of the Night" is awesome), and Joan Jett.

Along with recently receiving every song ever recorded by the Clash (thanks Tim!) I have enough music to insure I can find something to annoy every person on the planet. Life is good.


  1. wait. you own a Zune? you're the only person i know who actually has one! *cue balloons dropping from ceiling*


  2. I don't own one, actually. Though I got a 4 gig model as a gift from work earlier this year, I gave it to my daughter after her first generation off-brand one died. I do use the Zune store for downloads, since the songs can play on any player (unlike certain other fruit-related download sites). My player is a 30 gig Creative Zen Vision M.