Friday, January 16, 2009

A Real Chance of Dumb (Updated)

Apparently a Fargo woman has won something called A Real Chance of Love, a reality show on VH1. For this dubious accomplishment she gets to date one (both? does it matter?) of the show's eponoymous and unheard of heroes. What are these guys? Rappers? Mortgage brokers? The Forum doesn't appear to know beyond calling them brothers (in the familial sense).

All you need to know: the brothers call themselves "the Stallionaires" (Dollar Menunaires was taken) and our winner went by the nom-de-moron "Cornfed". In what way is the Apocalypse not upon us?

Update: It appears the arctic cold has blasted the bloom off this rose already. That took all of twelve seconds. Shocking.

(Originally posted at 8:39 AM on 01/13/09)

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