Friday, January 23, 2009

Canadian Airlines To Travelers: How Wide Is Your Butt?

There has apparently been a row in Canada for a while now over regulations that Canadian airlines must provide a free (second) seat for obese passengers or those who require an aide for traveling.

The airlines have come up with a plan to determine who really needs the extra seat. It involves a doctor's note and (in the case of the obese) measuring the width of the person's rear end.

This is asinine in itself of course, but his passage really stood out to me:

[Dr. Briane] Sharfstein explained that while Canada’s universal health insurance system provides free health care services to all residents, the reality is that patients often wait months to see their doctor.

Dr. Sharfstein is a spokesperson for the Canadian Medical Association. If that's what "free" healthcare brings with it (and it is), count me out.

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