Saturday, January 3, 2009

People Who Offend Me

I don't mind ignorance; ignorance can be fixed and isn't always the fault of the person displaying it. Stupidity is a different animal; it's low and potentially dangerous. When it's practiced by someone looking to make a name for himself with the act, it offends me.

The most recent example of this is Igor Panarin, a KGB-trained analyst for the Kremlin in Russia. He has predicted that by 2010 the United States will fracture, causing various states and regions to align with other nations.

Serously. Read the whole thing.

Alabama pledging allegiance to Mexico. Is this what Roy Moore fought for? As for North Dakota, we've been inconvenienced by far too many RV's with Manitoba plates parking across seven parking spots in our mall parking lots to ever throw in with Canada.

This is likely to become a recurring award. As stupid as ole Igor is, I'm bound to come across someone worse; we're only three days into the new year.

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