Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girl's Jeans Suck

Explain something to me ladies. Men's jeans are sized based on actual measurements. A waist measurement and an inseam. This means guys can buy jeans that both fit in the waist and don't drag the ground or look like we're in flood season.

Women's jeans come in a size. 8. 12. 0. Whatever. How exactly does this work? My seven year old daughter is in the middle of a growth spurt so I took her out to buy a couple pairs of jeans. I had to put her in a size 12 (yes, I know. She's big for her age. She's almost as tall as Donna). The problem is, size 12 jeans have legs made for a girl roughly 6' 4". There's no finding her waist size with a shorter inseam. So I have to take a seven-year-old's jeans to a tailor to get them taken in.

Here's my question. Why, exactly, do women stand for this? You burned your bras. You get to vote in elections just like white male landowners. You won the right to hold a job title other than "mother", "teacher", "nurse" or "stripper". Why have you not turned your collective force of will towards this ridiculous travesty of a sham?


  1. True dat. I hate clothes shopping.

  2. It's my guess that the women's garment industry believes (and may be correct...I don't know) that women do not want their measurements advertised. Apparently men don't care that others know their waist size is substantially larger than their inseam. As if it's not obvious. Either way, you're correct; it's a sham.

    And by the way; with absolutely no offense meant to Sarah.... other than another nail in the coffin of the English language, what is "true dat"? Perhaps you could enlighten me in an upcoming post. Man, I'm either getting old or priggish!

  3. "True dat" is urban slang for "That is very true, good sir." "Urban slang", of course, is a euphemism for "what black people say".

    So, Sarah, is that correct? This single-digit sizing scheme is women's way of not advertising their measurements?

  4. I've never understood this either. Thankfully i don't crossdress often enough to be affected. Women seem to be ok with using the actual tape measurements to determine a bra size. So, girls, what's the deal with pants? Inquiring minds want to know.

    nice blog Jay....rock on


  5. Yeah, you're right on both counts. I'm not exactly sure what possessed me to write that except that it's an emphatic phrase.
    But yeah. Also, some boutiques have their own sizes... Chico's for instance, only carries 0 through 4, but a "4" in Chico's size is really like a 16 or something. I guess they think women will feel better about their size if their labels say a small number. It's all just marketing bullshit. Personally, if it makes my ass look smaller, I couldn't care less what the number on the tag says.