Thursday, April 30, 2009

I See Your Bullet Point

* Don't read this if you want to believe the torture issue comes down to valiant democrats fighting against evil republicans and overzealous CIA agents.

* Tucked into this piece in the London Telegraph about Michael Caine's plans to move to America if Britain raises his taxes any higher (careful, Sir Michael -- you might not like what's happening over here any better) is this nugget:

"...current education secretary, Ed Balls, who is also Gordon Brown's chosen successor."

Please, please, please lord, let the next prime minister of Britain be named 'Balls'.

* Staying with the U.K. theme, read this article about British dental care. It's run by the governement and works about like you'd expect it to. Go to the New System, New Problems subheader to get an idea of how government control turns what should be a simple price structure into a ridiculous nightmare that does exactly the opposite of what is intended. And if you think our government wouldn't make this much of a mess, I have two words for you: Post Office. Here's another: Amtrak. Here's ten more: every instance of government trying to run a business ever.

* Robert Gibbs gives the White House press corps a "strong A" for its coverage of the first 100 days of the Obama administration. See, to me that means the press corps isn't doing its job....

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