Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Healthy As A Slightly Unhealthy Horse

I had a free health screening done at work. I'm not sure how far I can trust the results though. The first thing they had me do was get weighed and measured. My weight is down to 215, which is great if true.

I say that because, according to them, I am 5' 11" tall. I've been 6' 2" (6' 1 3/4" if you want to get technical) every time I've been measured since 1991, when I first signed up for the Air Force. That encompasses physicals every year from 1992-1996, a health screening for my life insurance carrier and the physical I had almost two years ago. Either I'm shrinking or their tape is off. If their tape is off their scale may be too.

My bad cholesterol is too high, which isn't a surprise since I love food I shouldn't be eating. My bad cholesterol is also much lower than it was a few years ago, which also isn't a surprise since I eat much better (way more fruits and vegetables, way less Burger King) than I used to. I also bike and swim when I can, which is called exercise. This is a concept I only found out about a year or so ago, but if you haven't heard of it don't feel badly. Most people haven't.

Anyway, I'll take these results to my next doctor visit and he'll tell me to lose some more weight and get more exercise and I'll say I will and then I'll try and maybe I will.

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