Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is There A Draft In Here?

The NFL draft is today. I don't pay much attention to who the Falcons might get or who they're hosting in a private tryout or any of that crap. My only hope every year is that they draft well regardless of who they get.

After the ridiculously successful draft Thomas Dimitrov had last year (I think everybody he picked went to the Pro Bowl, including that 76 year-old blind man he took in the 5th round when some intern accidentally wrote "Florida State Rest Home" on the draft card) I don't expect miracles.

But for the first time since I began rooting for the Falcons back in 1980 or so, I trust the guy at the top to not screw it up. I've had faith like that in Atlanta GM's before (see: Schuerholz, John) but none of them ever worked for the Falcons. This is the team that drafted Michael Vick, and that was one of their good decisions. Think about that and shudder.

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