Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions (2010 Edition)

It's time to make an arbitrary list of my faults, in hope that the mere shame of it all forces me to better myself. Here goes:

  1. Get a bigger house: the place I share with Donna (and Macy) is simply too small. My closet is a suspended wooden dowel in the basement. My computer is in the living room. I need more space.

  2. Play more poker: I haven't been playing as much lately, and it is mainly because, while I can get many people to play, I can never get anyone to host. See #1. I've also gotten some enthusiasm on playing some weekend tournaments at one of our many fine Indian casinos.

  3. Lose that 20 pounds I was supposed to lose last year: no explanation needed.

  4. Top the 395 posts I wrote in 2009.

  5. Go on at least one stargazing trip: we took the telescope out a few times and saw some really cool skies. But one thing I've been meaning to do is go out into rural North Dakota one summer night, far away from any city lights, and show Macy and Donna what the night sky can really look like.

  6. Get promoted: I need to step up my game at work to get promoted. Now if I can just get my boss to let me lead a big project...

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