Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Airport Security Triumph

After the underwear bomber and the boyfriend-ran-the-wrong-way-through-the-scanner-so-let's-shut-down-the-whole-airport fiascoes, you'd think federal agents would be on their best behavior.


Kimmy Janke had gone through security. In fact, she was in a secure part of the terminal when she stopped to go to the bathroom before making her connecting flight.

That's when she found a loaded handgun.

A Cleveland police report confirms a fully-loaded .40-caliber pistol was left on top of a toilet paper dispenser.

We've since learned the gun was traced to a federal customs agent.

Customs officials have denied all requests to explain why a highly-trained agent left her gun in the bathroom, claiming there is an internal investigation.

Furthermore, we're told the agent has been allowed to retire -- no record of discipline, or many answers.
The Department of Homeland Security announced that in the interest of public safety, airport bathrooms would be off limits to non-federal employees. Also, a 20% across the board raise for Customs agents.

(WBAY link via Instapundit)

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