Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Damn The Torpedoes

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I watched this interview with GOP chairman Michael Steele and former campaign manager for President Obama David Plouffe on Good Morning America today. I have to say, if Plouffe is speaking truthfully about the White House's plans in the wake of the Scott Brown's election upset, the Democrats are in big trouble.

Plouffe tried to spin the Brown victory as a win for the Democrats. That of course makes no sense, but whatever. It's the guy's job. He's just in an impossible position on that one. He also threw out the party line that the loss was all on Coakley for running a lackluster campaign. Half true; Coakley did run a poor campaign, but healthcare reform at this point is a loser for the Democrats.

Which made what he said next really surprising:

George Stephanopolous: You say this is a vote to go forward on the President's agenda, yet Scott Brown was talking about going to Washington to be the 41st vote against healthcare...

David Plouffe: ...I'm very confident that if we pass healthcare reform, people are going to see, everybody who has healthcare reform, nothing's going to change. Their costs are going to get lower, it's going to give relief to seniors on prescription costs, it's going to have a huge economic impact...

GS: So full speed ahead on healthcare, no change, no moderation, no compromise?

DP: ...We have a good healthcare plan that's going to lower costs, it's gonna increase coverage, it's gonna finally deal with the insurance company abuses. We need to pass that.

GS: So full speed ahead, no backing down on healthcare. That's the message from David Plouffe.

DP: (Nodding in background.)
That clicking sound you hear is the sound of Democrats all over the country typing up drafts of their retirement press releases.

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