Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Writing Gig

Rob Port, the mind and voice behind Say Anything, has asked me to provide content for that site. It's quite an honor, as Say Anything is the #1 political blog in North Dakota. Rob and the other contributors write about North Dakota politics and are the face of the conservative blogging movement in the state. They've been linked and quoted by some of the biggest names in the blogosphere as well as local and national media.

Their focus isn't solely on North Dakota politics, however. They also write extensively about politics on a national level.

Words don't do justice to how excited and honored I am to be asked to contribute. I'll still be posting political content here; I will simply post political content from this site on Say Anything, and any content I write there will be linked here. Any non-political content will be found here.

I hope you'll add Say Anything as a stop in your daily surfing.


  1. No kidding, cool. I knew Rob read this blog (he's the "Rob" that comments here from time to time) but I never thought he'd ask me to contribute to his blog. He allows commenters to create Reader Blogs over there, and will sometimes "promote" posts from those, but he handed me the keys to post to the main site. Freakin' cool.