Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Vertebrae Surgeries Later, A Garden Grows

As promised, here are some pictures of the newly finished landscaping project in the backyard:

This is what we started with. I know. You've
seen meth labs with better landscaping.

Once you clear out all the dead hookers
and and other detritus, it's not so bad.

Hey! Now it look like two people
with college educations live here!

And so on...

Okay. That's enough.

That's one project down, about six to go to get the backyard where we want it. Don't worry, I'll keep everyone informed of our progress in this space, no need to panic.


  1. Looks great! When are you coming over to do mine?

  2. Once I get done with the other dozen or so projects in that backyard, call me.

  3. wow, that looks really nice! dead hookers make good mulch...i hope you didn't remove all of them.


  4. I had to throw out the blondes. Too acidic.