Thursday, May 21, 2009

Star Trek And Lost: Separated At Birth?

We went and saw the new Star Trek movie last night. It was actually pretty good. Very entertaining. The plot moved along, the actors were fine, although I thought the dude from Lord of the Rings was trying a little too hard to be like Deforest Kelley's McCoy. The guy from Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead was great as Scotty.

That said, I was struck by how many parallels there were with Lost. I was kidding yesterday, but it turns out I shouldn't have been. There were a lot of common elements:

Star TrekLost
Lack of respect for the current timelineRomulan miners go back in time to wipe out the planets of the Federation, rewriting the original series canon and invoking howls of outrage from nerds everywhere.

Turning a donkey wheel causes the island to start skipping around in time randomly -- Undoubtedly because no donkey was involved in turning the wheel, a clear violation of OSHA guidelines.

Guy stuck in a box waiting for his reliefScotty hanging out at Ice Station Zebra with some sort of Chernobyl monkey.
Desmond in the hatch, pushing the button, ready to shoot first and ask questions later. Questions like, "are you here to relieve me?"
An overt symbol of the protagonist's plight
James T. Kirk (the "T" stands for Tigerbeat!) playing with the miniature starship in the bar after getting his ass totally kicked.
Kate's toy airplane, a memento of happier times. Like when her best friend got killed and she blew up her father in his trailer.

A man out of time destined to set things right
Spock, looking every bit the 240 years old that Leonard Nimoy must be by now.
Daniel Faraday, with his plan to detonate an H-bomb on a small island populated by his friends, thus saving them all. Wait, what?
Man of science / man of faith dichotomy
Spock, boldly embracing the logic that Uhura is hot and he should totally mack on her, and Kirk, whose faith in his ability is matched only by his determination to get his face pounded by everyone else in the movie.

Jack, the stoic doctor who doesn't go in for any of the religious mumbo jumbo but is totally down with time travel, and Locke, who believed the island had a destiny for him. Said destiny turned out to be getting strangled by an extension cord and wearing someone else's loafers, but still.

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