Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bullets Over Broadway

  • Two thoughts I had while reading this article: (1) I think this guy might have gotten into the wrong business (economics writer) and (2) I am so glad I am dating someone who knows "where money comes from and where it goes".
  • I don't care that various media sport a bias. I expect it. Newspapers, magazines, news programs and blogs are made up ultimately of people, and all people have their biases. I just wish most were more upfront about it and didn't hide behind claims of "fair and balanced" or "objective reporting" while infusing everything they produce with said bias.
  • Oops. A campaign promise seems to be circling the drain. Wasn't Guantanamo a hellhole that had to be shut down to begin restoring American prestiege? A place full of political prisoners who were being unjustly denied basic human rights while being tortured? Now it is a apparently a place full of terrorists that no state wants to house. Weird.
  • Who wants to go camping this summer? Seriously. I've got a tent that can sleep a small army I want to break in. Anybody up for it?

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