Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pimp My Bike

Macy, as some of you may know, grows like a weed. At her current pace, she will be eleven-foot-nine by the time she graduates high school. As such she has once again outgrown a bicycle. Since I bought a new bike last spring, my old mountain bike has been languishing in the shed, gathering dust and a sense of failure in equal measure.

I let her try to ride it, and after a couple days of tipping it every time she stopped (it's very heavy), Macy mastered it. She was very persistent, Jeebus bless her. The only problem was that the bike lacked that certain something, that undeniable Macy-ness that would shout out to the world: hey everybody -- look at me! I am the rainbow unicorn Barbie doll puppy dog baby seal of bikes! Look upon my cuteness and despair!

Well, that problem has been fixed. Macy sketched out what she wanted her bike to look like, including the color scheme and the decorative accoutrements. Tonight it made its maiden voyage. Behold:

Before: a drab lifeless paean to maleness.

After: Macy's vision realized.


  1. That's awesome! I bow down to her creative genius while wondering of its origin...

  2. Also, this frees up Macy's old bike which, while too small for her, is in excellent shape. Is Katie in need of a bike, perchance?