Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Back, Baby

Well, the home internet is back up. Apparently, a virus is to blame. I noticed a suspicious Windows alert popping up from my system tray last weekend. I say "suspicious" because, despite the many flaws attributed to Microsoft by its detratctors, poor grammar is not one of them. What I'm trying to say is, if you get a message on your desktop that says, "Windows has detected a virus in computer. Do you want to blocking this threat?" you can safely assume you have a virus of some sort.

I ran my suite of virus-killers and got rid of the problem (no more warnings utilizing the ebonics language pack) but suddenly couldn't connect to the internet. I ran through my internet connection knowledge store fairly quickly: the modem was reporting a good connection, I had a valid IP address that contained my ISP's prefix. I could release and renew the address. Turning off the firewall didn't fix it. After a brief bout of laziness coupled with having other things to do, I contacted the ISP to figure it out.

Basically, I had a couple of viruses. One was the laughably obvious one with the 2nd grade education. The other was of the trojan horse variety. It hijacks the computer and uses it as a bot. The problem was that it changed my browser settings to use a proxy server to report back to its evil masters. Removing the virus didn't reset the browser settings. You'd think I would have thought of this, being a computer guy and all. To that I say, shut up.

How did my pristine blogging machine become a veritable Mos Eisley of computer scum and villainy? According to my research, the most likely culprit was a "social networking site". Damn you, Facebook! Either that or the nazi midget lesbian vampire cuckold fetish sites I frequent.


  1. I also visit the NMLVC sites all the time, and i don't have any virus's gotta be facebook dude. good to see your blog's back up and running at full power.

    keepin it real with the NMLVC's,


  2. It's always good to know you're not the only one. As long as the midgets don't have fake boobs. Man, that's disgusting.