Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nonchalantly Going Where Millions Have Gone Before

Donna and I are going out to dinner and to the new Star Trek movie with a famous food blogger and her not-insignificant person-to-whom-she-is-married (you'd think the english language would have a better way to express that).

We are going to a new Korean joint, which is exciting because my only previous experience with Korean food consists of:
  • a Korean restaurant in Columbus, GA that served us almost the entire menu family-style for $20 a head. I mean, the table was covered with about thirty dishes. It was incredible.
  • the traditional Korean meal once served to me by my high school buddy Joe's mother back around 1988 or so: KFC and kimchee. It was pretty good as well. Who knew the Colonel was Korean?

As for the movie, it is from J.J. Abrams, the genius behind Lost, only the greatest show in the history of television (unless they screw up the series finale next season) and Alias (never saw it). I understand the plot revolves around time travel (just like Lost!), so I can only assume Mr. Abrams is going to borrow some other plot points from that show. The ones I'm hoping to see:

  • A "neutrino cloud" that attacks the ship, judging those with dark pasts.
  • A Scottish crewmember that can see into the future.
  • A character named Nurse Kate who repeatedly gets abandoned and/or phasered in the face.
  • An antagonist so creepy and perfect you find yourself fascinated by him even though you know he's evil. I'd name this character, I don't know, say, Len Binus.
  • Two words: Commodore Eko.

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