Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poker Results For February

Had a great time last night at the poker table. It didn't hurt that I finished in the money in both games. I had some bad luck in the late game; I had several hands where I was ahead after the flop and things didn't work out. One hand would have knocked out a player, putting me heads-up for the game but aces on the turn and river killed me.

On the other hand, luck was on my side in the early game. Down to my last $800 in chips (after starting with $2000) and blinds at $100/$200 I survived an all-in against two opponents with Queen-five suited to triple up. I eventually finished third there.

All in all I doubled my starting stake, so it was a good night. I think I played well and the level of play at the table overall was pretty solid. I'm already looking forward to March's game.

Bonus points for the bacon-wrapped sausage things with brown sugar the host's wife made. Those washed down with a few Dos Equis made the night even better.

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