Friday, February 27, 2009

Blues Interlude: Susan Tedeschi

I saw Susan Tedeschi back in about 2002 or 2003 opening for John Cougarmelloncougarcamp. For the record, seeing Mr. Pink Houses was not my idea. I don't have anything against him per se, but I didn't have feel any particular urge to see him. I was rewarded for my apathy with a performance that can charitably be described as "phoned in". He clearly didn't want to be there and seemed visibly upset at the lackluster response whenever he played something after 1987 or so.

It also didn't help that his opening act made him look like an amateur at putting on a show. Susan Tedeschi blew the doors off of the place. I mean she killed. I bought her first album about two days later and still listen to it on the old music box. Originally billed as the next great blues guitarist, she's really more known for her voice. And good lord what a voice. This is her performing a song called "Alone" from her second album. And check out her Robert Plant impersonation.

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