Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Food Nazis And What They Can Teach Us About Parenting

I found a blog post via Overlawyered that involved food Nazis, divorce and a captive audience to the story that involved these things. One thing jumped out at me though:

I just want to let the food Nazi moms in on what happens when your kids come to a house where junk food inhabits the pantry. They have no decision-making skills or sense of moderation when faced with the forbidden fruit roll-up.

Sheltering children from every evil in the world does them a disservice; decision-making is a skill, learned with practice from the time they are small.

I have to agree. Don't let you child smoke or get a tattoo or eat doritos for breakfast lunch and dinner. But don't forget that in sheltering them from every tiny perceived "harm" you're also retarding their abilty to make intelligent and informed decisions.

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