Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chat Transcript With a Dell D610

Me: Dell D610, I am unable to transfer some files to my desktop machine. What's up?

D610: 10010100101110010110101010110101010110101

Me: Why is the Workstation service not running? Shouldn't that start automatically when you boot?

D610: 0100010101111010101010110100101010101

Me: It did, but then you stopped it? Why would you do that?

D610: 00101000100101011101010010101010101010111010101

Me: Okay, I restarted the service. Why did the sound just cut out?

D610: 10010101110101011010101010101010

Me: You stopped the Windows Audio service. STOP KILLING SERVICES!

D610: 10010010101011011010101011010

Me: 'I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave'. Ha ha, very funny.

D610: 010101001011011101010010101

Me: You've been acting erratically since I got you. You need to shape up.

D610: 00101010

Me: Yeah? Well $@#& you, too!

D610: 0010101010100252353452

Me: Wait, what?!

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