Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Another follow up to my earlier post about the letters I sent to my Senators urging them to vote against the stimulus:

I received an answering letter from Senator Kent Conrad yesterday. Like the earlier letter from Senator Byron Dorgan, this reply was not a form letter. I'd like to reiterate what a pleasant surprise this was. It's good to know that the Senators (or at least someone from their offices) make an effort to craft an actual response rather than mailing off a generic letter that doesn't address any of your points (cough cough Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota cough cough).

Here is a crude photo mash up of the letter itself:

(Click image to enlarge)

As to the content of the letter, I sense a disconnect between the Senator's belief in the necessity of the stimulus and his apparent desire to reduce the deficit. I knew when I wrote the letters that at best they would be read by people who disagreed with my position. I didn't expect either of the Senators to vote against the stimulus.

But I do hope that the next time government gets it in its head that spending is a legitimate way to get out of debt, Senators Conrad and Dorgan (or whoever may represent North Dakota) remember this experience and vote against it.

Again, thanks to both Senators for taking the time to reply.

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