Friday, February 20, 2009

New York Post Apologizes For "Offensive" Cartoon

The New York Post issued an apology for this cartoon today in order to assuage critics who claim the image is racist and a personal insult aimed at President Barak Obama.

Judge for yourself, but I read the cartoon to say, "a crazy chimpanzee must have written the stimulus, it's such a pile of garbage" rather than, "Obama is black and therefore looks like a monkey, just like all black people". I don't think that cartoon has anything to do with Obama at all; anybody who does is just looking for a reason to play the racism card.

But if the creator (and by extention the Post) did intend to portray a sitting president as a chimp, they should apologize, as that's just wrong. Also wrong: portraying a sitting president as being murdered or publicly calling for him to be murdered.


  1. I completely agree AND, Obama did not write the stimulus if the cartoon is meant to slam anyone, it's Pelosi and Reid.

  2. The only thing I lay at the President's feet in this is the "we have to pass this right now or our economy will completely collapse" rhetoric from him that helped ram this thing though without any due dilligence.