Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Facebook Is Like Pravda With A Worse User Interface

As I have said before, I am always late to jump on the latest fad. With that in mind, I recently got on Facebook. After a short time I found a recently-created group for my high school graduating class. I joined, said hello, sent out a bunch of friend requests, all that happy crap.

It wasn't until a week later that I went back through all the old messages and found the following exchange (names omitted to protect those guilty %@*!&!!#).
  • "Is Jay Winkus in prison or CEO of a software firm?" (Are those the only two choices? And why did they spell my name wrong?)

  • "Last time I heard anything about Jay was a visit from the FBI for some security clearance he was getting with the... Air Force...I think. That was 1991." (Hey! This is actually true! The government did a background check for my Air Force security clearance.)

  • "Jay Winkus took over a small Latin American country and is serving as Dictator/Chief Head-Banger for life." (What do you mean, "small"? I'm okay with the rest of it though.)

I found this exchange very amusing. If I had read it before announcing my presence, I would have had a lot more fun with it though.

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