Saturday, February 21, 2009

Minnesota Vikings Have Interest In Vick

The Minnesota Vikings have preliminary interest in Michael Vick. They probably remember him running through their entire defense in overtime a few years ago. I was at that game. He made them look like boys on a field built for men.

I think the Vikings absolutely must get Vick at all costs. Never mind that Tavaris Jackson, the Vikings current quarterback, is and always will be Tavaris-freaking-Jackson. Think about the protests! PETA will be there from Vick's first day on the field. They'll be outside the Twinkie Dome before, during and after every game. This must come to pass.

I've witnessed a PETA protest before. It involved a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a person in a giant chicken suit, a PETA van, picketers, and me trying to pursuade my group to eat a bucket of original recipe in the parking lot. I got voted down -- lousy democracy.

A lot of erstwhile Vikings protesters would be level-headed citizens exercising their right to assembly to protest what they see is the gross injustice of a man like Michael Vick getting another opportunity to make millions playing football. The rest would be PETA nutcases.

It's unlikely anything will happen soon; the Falcons have put Vick on the trade block, but I think teams would be smarter to wait until Atlanta is forced to release him. But when I sleep tonight, I'll be dreaming of KFC.

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