Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer Season Opens With A Bang

Macy started the fall soccer season on a high note today. Playing at the new Moorhead Soccer Complex she helped her new team, the Dynamo, to a 13-3 win. It's rec league and we don't keep score officially, but you better believe the girls do.

I don't encourage them to keep score, but I think deep down they know they're playing a competitive sport and they want to win. I know when I was playing in youth leagues I wanted to win too, so I don't discourage the girls from keeping score, either. I don't know exactly when youth leagues stopped doing it, but the kids never got the memo.

Anyway, Macy scored a goal, assisted on two others, and stopped some point-blank shots on goal. She played like a champ. They all did, really.

Although the rosters are randomly generated, I think I ended up with a pretty loaded team. I've got four girls who can score every time they touch the ball, and I've even got three who prefer to play defense and know how to take the ball away. Both my goalies have been with me for three seasons now, so life is good in soccer coach land.

No pictures or video, because I was coaching and Donna is out of town until tonight. Next week.

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