Monday, October 5, 2009

Soccer Update

There hasn't been much on the soccer front lately. I was out of town two weekends ago for Oktoberfest, so I was not there to coach. Macy's team lost 3-2, which is actually pretty great since they were playing a team with several 4th graders on the roster. In a weird computer quirk, my roster had only 3rd graders even though 3rd and 4th were combined in our league.

The fact that we lost by a single goal is pretty cool. Macy tells me she had a goal disallowed because, in her words, she "must have kicked it out of the goalie's hands or something. I don't know." Sounds like our first officiating scandal of the season.

Anyway, last week's practice and game were rained out, so there's nothing to report there. I've been responsible for drawing up the practice plans and handling in-game roster moves, so that's been interesting. I've learned that if you call it a "game" rather than a "drill" and give it a funny name like "Busy Bees" or "Soap Bubbles" rather than "2-on-2 Pressure/Cover Defense" or "Close-in Ball Control" the kids are much more interested.

In realted news, there will be pictures of Macy playing soccer at some point.

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