Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rights I Just Made Up: The Right To Trespass On Your Land Without Seeing You Naked

A man in Springfield,VA is facing charges in connection with an incident in which police say he exposed himself to a woman and her daughter. In this case, however, the man was in his own kitchen and the two females cut through his yard from a path on which they were walking.

The police's theory seems to be that this man was making coffee in his kitchen naked because he somehow knew that someone would leave a path that runs along his property, cut through his front yard, pass the kitchen window, and look into his kitchen.

So let that be a lesson to all you perverts who think that, just because you're in your own house on your own land, you can just walk around naked. Other people are trying to walk through your yard uninvited and they have the right to look in your kitchen window and not see you naked.


  1. I love it! Not only are we now awarding Nobel prizes for good intentions, we are trying to punish people for perceived bad intentions.

    This was my favorite line in the article. "Fairfax county police BELIEVE Williamson WANTED to be seen by the public." All while in his own house...LOL

  2. Part of me knows that crap like this has been going on randomly around the country since 1776 or thereabouts, and we only hear about more now because of the internet/24 hour news cycle.

    But part of me also thinks we're moving in a direction towards cops being more and more proactive about enforcing morals rather than laws. The idea of "intent" is slipping away.

    I don't know.