Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Oktobertfest Diaries 2009 Part 5: Here Come The College Kids

Saturday night at the festgrounds is when the college kids come out in large numbers. LaCrosse is a college town, and it shows. Whereas the festgrounds are busy but harldy packed on Friday and Sunday, Saturday is a massive crush of bodies, most of them in the 20-25 age range.

Two things that I have yet to see in any of my trips to this event: fighting and boobs. It's weird. With all the drinking you'd think there'd be an abundance of drunken jerkbags throwing punches over a spilled beer or a girl, but I haven't seen it. You'd also think I'd get to see lots of coed boobies with all the drunk girls around, but no. That makes me sad.

Anyway, with all the noise and (inadvertent) pushing as people try to manuever the grounds, we headed downtown about 11:00 pm to catch our collective breath and get a drink. It was pretty uneventful as compared to the rest of the weekend, which I guess just goes to prove that when it comes to fun and partying, college kids have nothing on career alcoholics, barflys and people with mullets.

A few of the highlights:

The focus of this picture is actually the mullet in the background.

True story: Three of us saw this guy coming at the same time.
Me: "Look -- Greg Allman!" Tim: "Look -- Edgar Winter!"
Mitch: "Look -- Gandalf!"

And of course, what Oktoberfest would be complete without white people dancing inappropriately:

Anyway, that's about it for the trip. We headed back to Minneapolis on Sunday, a little hungover but no worse for wear. I'd definitely call it a successful trip. As of this writing I'm showing no ill effects from the visibly syphillyitc and possibly leprotic woman that coated me in spit at the bar. I'm sure it's all the alcohol that's responsible for killing the germs.

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