Monday, October 5, 2009

Rights I Just Made Up: The Right To Keep The Library Coffee-Free

It really makes me wonder if some town councils have any purpose if they spend their time on things like this. Granted, this "right" comes to us from the U.K., but I can see this happening in some small town in America.

This guy doesn't want to harm your child.

It seems that a local group of retirees who enjoy a morning cup of coffee at the local library are being forced to find other accomodations after their local council passed an ordinance. Said ordinance is designed to protect toddlers from a nearby nursery from having scalding hot liquids poured on them. Seriously.

I had no idea retirees in Cambridgeshire were so bloodthirsty.

It seems like there's more realistic dangers to be found in a library than a random old man throwing coffee on a child. What if a stack of books falls? A rickety old shelf gives up the ghost and clocks poor Timmy in the head with a copy of War and Peace? A book is mistaken for a biscuit and eaten?

Leo Tolstoy, however...

If the town council of Eye really wants to protect children at the library, maybe they should ban books.

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