Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun With Spam

The spam filter on my work's email servers is pretty fantastic. I never see any spam in my inbox, and only very rarely does a legitimate email get stuck in the spam filter. I still check the filter every once in a while in order to catch those two or three a year that get caught. Here are some of the subjects:

  • What Britney hides?: I just imagine a guy getting stopped by customs officals: "Okay, Johnny. Where are the Brtiney hides?" "What Britney hides?" Johnny replied innocently.

  • Your Love Stick won't get tired: Especially if I ever called it that in front of my girlfriend. I'd never need it again.

  • This is not a potion for making you a womanizer. This is better than that: Better than tequila? Cause that stuff makes me sleep with all kinds of women then I say "later baby" and leave them all alone and crying in the bed.

  • Madonna is a moslim now: First she was cathalick, then she was into the cabbala junk. What's next? Vudu?

  • Pants off, Lavigne: I think this got sent to me by mistake.

  • Chest pains chasing you. Get them off track: No, no. Charley horses keep chasing me. Chest pains just call and hang up.

  • Renew your organism: I'm trying to kill the tapeworm, not renew it.

  • Oh shit!: I almost opened this one.

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