Monday, August 31, 2009

Who's Up For Some Roller Coasters?

Macy and I went to the Twin Cities this past weekend for our annual trip to ValleyFair with our friends Kris and Sunny (and their daughter Bella). We made a quick overnight stop Friday in Maple Grove to visit Tim and Jenny. While there we went to Dave & Buster's, a burgers-and-games chain. It was here we discovered Tim's hidden ability.

Superpowers come in many forms. There's x-ray vision, super strength, spider sense, and of course, the ability to make a rotating light stop on the jackpot space on a wheel. Tim is apparently a Jedi master with a PhD and a 10th degree black belt in this . He hit the 1000-ticket jackpot twice in a row, pushing Macy's total to unheard-of proportions. You can trade the tickets in for various prizes.

In a related note, Macy now owns the Dave & Buster's franchise in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Stop on in for some cheese fries!

Saturday was thrill ride time, so we piled into Sunny's car and headed to ValleyFair, getting there just as the park opened. Over the next eight hours (oh, yes -- eight hours) we rode about everything in the park.

I managed to shoot some video on a couple of the rides:

Macy also rode the Tower of Power, a contraption that launches you into orbit at roughly the speed of light. I couldn't get video because the operator jerk wouldn't let Macy pick her seat, instead putting her on the opposite side of the tower. I couldn't get over there fast enough. Trust me though: it was freaky. She loved it of course.

The last ride of the day was an abomination called Steel Venom. You sit in a seat, legs dangling, underneath a long rail. The operator counts down 3... 2... 1 and then you realize your eyeballs have been compressed against the back of your skull. It's awesome. We're riding it first next year. Here's what it looks like:

On Saturday night we watched Twilight. It was by far the best part of the weekend time I'll never get back. I'll be reviewing it in this space tomorrow in a very special episode of Haiku Review.

On Sunday we went to the Mall of America and did some clothes shopping. Macy is going to be one well dressed lady around the Dave & Buster's offices.


  1. Nice footage! Did Macy even take a breath or was it one continuous scream? That's great stuff!

  2. It's mostly a continuous scream. Next time I'll pan over once in a while to get a reaction shot. Watching her reaction is more fun than the ride.