Friday, August 14, 2009

My MP3 Player Won't Stop Playing: Conquest

I remember several years ago playing a new CD I had picked up earlier in the day for some friends, telling them that this "new" band was really cool. I played a song and they both panned it. I took the CD out and that was it. The CD was White Blood Cells, the song was Fell In Love With A Girl and the band was the White Stripes. So, to those people (who shall remain nameless), I say [adopts Cartman voice] ha ha ha ha haaaaa ha, I was right about the White Stripes!

My Zen has played Conquest at least once every day for the last six days, which is more than enough to qualify for this mini-feature. With the number of songs I have, it's not uncommon to hear a specific song less than once a month (understanding that I basically only listen to it while I'm at work). To hear a song every day for almost a week is uncommon.

I love this song because if the Stripes were not one of the biggest bands in the world it would certainly pop up in a Quentin Tarantino movie at some point. Probably in a scene where the heroine is kicking the crap out of the lover that done her wrong with a katana. In other words, in something totally badass.

What this may mean: my Zen is into quirky, offbeat singles featuring mariachi horns.

What else this may mean: since this song also serves as my personal ringtone on Donna's phone, it may mean that I don't call enough.

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