Friday, August 7, 2009

New Digs

We moved into the newest building on the Microsoft Fargo campus this week. The Vision building and the Commons that links it to the rest of the campus are by far the most arresting buildings. Here's a little tour:

South exterior

South exterior, alternate view including the Commons

South entrance

Security checkpoint

This is where the magic happens. The part I'm responsible for, anyway.

The gameroom. That's air hockey in the back.

Game room, alternate angle

The Commons. This is the cafeteria, which is set up a lot like the cafeterias in Redmond.

Another angle of the cafeteria.

This fountain becomes a fireplace in winter. Really.

Shot from the second floor overlooking the entrance.


  1. Wow, looks like a cool place to work. Nice desk area.

    Where do you keep your iPod?


  2. Never! To be honest though, I don't have a Zune either. My girlfriend has an iPod (she also works there), which gets her the occasional WTF look.

  3. Ha.

    I got an iPod video about 4 years ago. Love it. Probably use it more than anything else I own.

  4. One funny Microsoft comment...a friend of mine was talking about Bing. He told me he was going to start using Google stuff.

  5. Oh yeah. Microsoft was totally going for something that could become a verb to replace "googling". Not going to happen, but Bing is actually pretty good. Live Search was how you say, not good, and everybody knew it. I will be passing that story on. ;)