Friday, August 28, 2009

Drink Up: Old Fashioned

This drink is one of my favorites (ed. note: aren't they all? me: no, shut up). Though it's saddled with a name that isn't a siren song to college kids and "hip" Sex and the City fans, it's every bit as sophisticated as the martini and takes just as much attention to detail.

That said, like the martini, it is a drink for people who really like alcohol. In other words, it's not a girls-night-out fruity drink (though it does contain fruit). This is also one of the harder drinks to get in a bar and have it look and taste right. True story -- the best Old Fashioned I ever had in a bar was about ten years ago at a freakin' Red Lobster.

Here's the recipe:

2.5 oz bourbon
1/2 oz water
1/2 orange slice (fairly thick)
1-2 cherries
1/4 tsp sugar

In a rocks glass, pour the water and sugar, mixing until the sugar is dissolved. Add the orange slice and the cherry to the bottom of the glass.

Add the bourbon. Use your favorite of course, but this recipe is where I like to break out the Wild Turkey. Jack Daniels works well. Jim Beam is a notch below, in my opinion, but it works.

Stir, add ice and enjoy. Even with the sugar and the fruit, this drink is very potent, but if you like bourbon, that's a good thing.


  1. My father used to make a killer Old Fashioned and it was a staple at all the parties. I don't think many people under the age of 50 drink these any longer...too bad. It's a good drink! How about a Manhattan?

  2. Already wrote one for the Manahattan (it hasn't been posted yet). I used to drink them at Seasons.

  3. I should also point out (as the post does not) that a traditional old fashioned is made with brandy. That's good too, but something about Wild Turkey in these things just works for me.