Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goings On In Harding

We took a trip down to Harding this weekend to visit Donna's family. We were supposed to go to a nearby drive-in movie theater for Cruise Night, an annual event sponsored by the local car club. Classic cars are on display along with dinner, followed by a double feature at one of the few drive-in screens left in America.

Unfortunately, the drive-in chose to show American Grafitti and The Ugly Truth, not exactly kiddie fare. While I appreciated the relevance of Grafitti, I emailed the theater last week to see if they might consider moving one of the two kid's movies they were scheduled to show next week into the early slot at Cruise Night. I got a rather snotty reply from a woman at the theater. Apparently the complaints lodged last year weren't loud enough.

Last year's Cruise Night, known as the Night of Singing Horrors, caused quite a commotion. Unlike previous years, when they showed something in the early slot that could at least be called family-friendly, they scheduled some R-rated movie which name I can't remember. At the last minute, after much complaining, the theater switched the order of the movies. It was because of this I sustained permanent damage to both my retinas and my ear drums. For you see, the movie they showed turned out to be Mama Mia, the greatest abomination in the history of cinema.

This year we decided to boycott and take the kids into Brainerd, Minnesota to see G-Force, which blew whale turds. At least the kids liked it. We also got a little school shopping in. Later that night we drove out to a field and did some stargazing. Macy saw the Milky Way for the first time, which was awesome.

I also saw the greatest sign in the world:

I couldn't decide which of the following captions to use:

(1) God bless those Pagans!

(2) Hey look: a cornfield! And it's full of children!

The first one is funnier, but it's also from The Simpsons. Either way, that picture is now my wallpaper.

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