Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Sunburn's Red Glare

We headed down to Harding for the July 4th weekend. Each year we ride in a restored firetruck owned by Donna's father, which he and Donna's brother Ryan restored. The weather was perfect. We threw candy and freeze pops from the back of the engine. Since Macy and Emily (Donna's niece) had the parade watchers closest to the road covered, I set my sights on the people way in the back who usually don't get treats. My tally: 1 man hit dead between the eyes, 1 grandmother with a cool surprise in her lap and one dented minivan. Other than that, my accuracy was uncanny.

Cool fire truck. Rice still has Engine No. 1.

Macy displays the flag she made with a little help from Ryan.

The part of the dalmatian was played by Ruby.

We followed up the parade with a picnic in Harding's park. I contributed a new baked bean casserole recipe which turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Donna made some caramel rice krispie bars which turned out pretty good by all accounts. Before and after dinner I got to showcase mah mad skillz on the football field. I can still highstep like a pro, so I've got that going for me. And I was only moderately disabled the next day.

Me rifling a pass to Chris. I'm not going to lie: I was amazing out there.

On Sunday we attended (but did not ride in) another parade and followed that up with dinner at Chris and Jodi's (Donna's brother-in-law and sister) place which conveniently puts us 30 minutes closer to Fargo before we headed home...

Somebody throw that poor one-armed kid with the flipper some candy!

Some crazy person flying directly overhead. Probably
the DNR looking for people burning leaves.

Don't go anywhere else for your castration and dehorning needs!

...but not before we were treated to some free entertainment courtesy of Macy, Emily, and Donna's other niece and nephew Carly and Cole:

For more video, check out my YouTube channel.

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