Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Company Picnic More Violent Than I Remember

Despite rumors to the contrary (rumors I apparently started), Microsoft's Fargo campus did have a company picnic this year. It was bigger than ever actually with some new attractions, a rootbeer float bar, and these spicy hot baked beans completely inappropriate for the age demographic most prevalent at the proceedings. One of the new attractions was laser tag, which Macy had never seen before. She got into it though. All that combat arms training she got in Georgia last week really paid off.

Laser tag was new this year. Despite some early misgivings,
Macy had no qualms with shooting strangers in the face.

Shooting strangers wasn't the only violence to be had, though. Check this out:

More bloodshed was to be found in the boxing ring, where I successfully defended my Excessweight belt against a young challenger fighting way out of her weight class for a shot at the title:

After that, Sally decided to move down several classes (and change sports) to take a shot at a different title:

More videos from the picnic can be found at my Youtube channel.

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