Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary Apollo 11, The Amish Suffer From Outsourcing, and More

  • Add Maryland to the list of states I have no interest in living in.

  • This is so me. Not so much because of the cost of keeping up with the latest hardware. I just can't stomach paying $60 for the software.

  • Seriously: if you want a dog, go to a shelter. There are literally millions of dogs that would gladly trade undying loyalty for a home. Puppy mills are a disgrace. I also find it interesting that many of these mills in the northeast are, according to the article, run by the Amish. Amish, who (also according to the article) are complaining about foreigners taking their jobs. Wait, what?

  • Happy anniversary, Apollo 11! Wow. It's been 40 years since man first walked on the moon. Look at all we've accomplished since then. Or better yet, don't. Makes it easier to preserve the warm feeling.

  • If someone sends you this picture in an email, and you're wondering if it's real, it is.

  • Hey! I made it through the whole thing without mentioning the word politics. Wait. Crap.

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