Thursday, July 23, 2009

Riot In The Kitchen

Word out of MS Fargo's cafeteria cartel is that Kathy won't be asked to work in the new common dining area that opens next month. For those of you not in the know, Kathy is by far the best cook ever to grace Eurest's dining halls. People routinely came from the Horizon building (which has its own cafeteria) just to get her hashbrowns. Understand, this was in the winters before we had the Broken Fibula Memorial Covered Walkway between the Horizon and Vista buildings.

On top of being a fine cook, she was also a friendly lady with a smile on her face and a kind word as her constant companion. In short, she's the kind of person our cafeteria overlords should be hiring more of, not less.

Word on the street is (to channel Huggy Bear for a moment) she had clashes with management. I don't know the extent or nature of these dustups, but unless they involved kitchen knives it seems like there should be a way to resolve the issues at, uh, issue.

This post is a companion piece to the Kathy Must Make Hashbrowns At The New MS Fargo Dining Facility Facebook group. If you can find time to join causes to bring back Barney Miller, create a mocha flavor of Doritos, and suppport Boom Boom Pow as the greatest song of the 21st century, surely you can use your joiner predeliction for good for once and join this worthy cause.

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