Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random rnd = new Random();

  • I went from having no camping trips lined up this summer to cementing plans for two trips in one day (one in two weeks and one at the end July). I've been wanting to try out the new tent we bought last fall (on clearance). It's roughly the size of the first Death Star, so that'll be good.

  • President Obama isn't crazy enough to plan something like this, is he?

  • As someone who hoped as a child that I could buy a corellian freighter when I grew up, I think this a bad idea.

  • We're celebrating Macy's birthday tonight with our annual dinner and trip to Thunder Road (for mini-golf, go-kart racing and bumper cars). Pics tomorrow.

  • I'm really glad I don't have a job where I'm required to reassure the Chinese about America's commitment to reducing deficits. I only like to hear laughter when I'm trying to be funny.

  • It's weird (in a good way): I hate yard work, but now that we've completed two big projects, I can't wait to get out there and finish the job.

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