Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pet Star

We attended the Moorhead Library's pet show last night. It's a chance to show off your pet and walk in a big circle around the building (a.k.a. "the parade"). There's a virtual Star Wars cantina of creatures wandering around, from dogs and cats to ferrets and hedgehogs to hobos and Democrats.

This was not Macy's first time at the event; you may remember her hamster Bibble's stunning upset win in the "Smallest Pet" category. Variety did a cover story on it, as I recall.

Well, now Macy is two-for-two as an owner. Tonight her mouse Hershey won the obscure but buzzworthy "Smallest Pet With The Longest Tail" category. She has a real flair for this competition. The general consensus is that she could enter a charcoal drawing of a rabid centipede and walk out with a sticker and a Dilly Bar coupon.

Sizing up the competition is but one of the winner moves Macy employed.

This was a sad scene. I overheard the ferrret say, "I just don't
think we can make this work. It's not you, it's me.
I still want to be friends."

Donna, Macy and Hershey (inside ball) pose with the
coveted "Smallest Pet With The Longest Tail" award.

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