Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Stuff

* The word "Facsism" has gotten thrown around a lot in this country the last several years, usually applied to actions by Bush, but increasingly aimed at Obama's forays into nationalization. You want to know when America has really become a fascist state? The day her armed forces "reorient[s] its mission from meeting external threats to suppressing internal threats". We're a long way from fascism and have not been close under either Bush or Obama...

* ...Although it is tough to watch major news networks tripping over themselves to pay tribute to a favored public figure.

* How many times does this sort of thing have to happen before people realize that more taxes doesn't always mean more revenue? Heck, it usually means less (via Say Anything).

* If you didn't see this story about the Minnesota softball coach who threw sportsmanship out the window when I posted it on Facebook, here it is again.

* To paraphrase Eric Cartman: ha ha ha ha haaa ha -- I'm going cammmping and you're naa-ott.

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