Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Came From The Kitchen Drawer

It finally happened. Our small kitchen, with its undersized, overstuffed drawers, finally said, "no more". We couldn't convince it to let us jam one more untensil into its bloated belly. For a couple of weeks, the solution was to leave the newly purchased rubberized whisk (for to minimize the scratchin' to the metal pans) on the countertop next to the knife block.

Tonight we finally came up with the boring but eminently more practical idea of getting something from the plastic-box-with-a-top family in which to store the extraneous detritus.

There was a diverse collection of things in those drawers, some strange, some... I'm not really sure:

I'm not sure why you can only use this with eggs and
pancakes but not cookies. The only thing I'm sure of
is that it's a boy.

Dress up your stemware! Or, you know, buy nice stemware.

After its dismal failure in the otherwise-lucrative
2001: A Space Odyssey bottle opener product tie-in
market, Tupperware decided to stick to overpriced
bowls. Note the instructions indicating the presence of
a second arrow. I don't know either.

This is the spoon Wonder Woman uses
while eating yogurt in her invisible jet.

The obligatory plastic ice cubes. I believe these are made
of equal parts plastic, lead, bisphenol A and hobo parts.

Why, yes, I am worried that Donna keeps dental instruments
in her kitchen. Thanks so much for asking!

Ladies and gentleman, the amazing spork fetus!

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